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Who is Autumn Bensette?

I want to share a little bit about who I am and little bit about my story and how it is that I got here and why I feel called to serve in this space. And really who this all is for. Because I want you to make sure that this is also a space that you want to be in. And I want to make sure that you can relate and you can resonate with these messages and that you feel aligned.

So who am I? My name is Autumn Bensette. I am an online entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur, a fitness and health coach, turned intuitive life and business coach.

Where did it all get started?

About four years ago, I started my very first online health and fitness business in a network marketing company. Over the course of three years, I had built a very successful business.

I got certified in a couple of fitness formats and I began teaching seven classes six times a week. About two years into my journey online as a health and fitness coach, myself and my boyfriend decided to open up our own personal training and group fitness business and run bootcamps and classes and personal training and everything under the sun.

And we lived and breathed this world. The health and fitness industry was such a big part of our life for many, many years. And it really is what changed our lives. It brought us closer together and it showed me that I was capable of so much more than I ever realized and I absolutely loved working this business. I had so much love for every part of it. However this was also a time in my life when I started to question things.

I started to wonder, is this the path for me?

Is there more to it? Is there something I'm missing? And what I've learned on this journey is that if there is a nudge in your gut, if there's something in your soul, there's a whisper and it's telling you to ask these questions, chances are it's, it's for a reason. That doesn't come by coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens exactly as it's supposed to. And so I took those nudges and I started asking questions and I started to look around and read different books and look towards other coaches and other people within the industry that I could maybe get some guidance and support from that were outside of my network marketing company. And when I did this, I started to get a lot more clarity.

I started to figure out that there was so much more to running a business. There was so much more to what I was capable of. There was so much more that was a part of my purpose that I didn't even realize or give myself space to own. I wasn't giving myself that space to jumble into it, to ride it out and even see what that looked like because I had so much fear around what I fail. Can I do this? Are People going to buy into me? Who makes me the expert in this? All those limiting fears, all those limiting beliefs, all of those bullshit reasons in my head telling me why I shouldn't do something to keep me safe and comfy, to keep me wrapped up in a blanket and protected or in bubble wrap.

What changed?

One night after a crazy few months, Derek had this conversation with me asking me why hadn't stepped outside of the network marketing company that I was with and fully went on my own yet. And I had told him, well, I just, I don't know. I had tears in his eyes and as I, as he was just crying, like, why don't you believe in yourself? I told him, I don't know. I just, for whatever reason, I was scared. I didn't think that I could do this on my own. And when I seen the belief in him or the belief that he had in me, I realized, Holy Shit, I'm fucking playing it safe. I need to step up. I need to step out and I need to fulfill my purpose. Why am I playing it safe.

Why am I just staying where I am when I know in my gut that I have such a bigger purpose in this world and it was so much bigger than I could even comprehend at the time. And I can assure you that right now it's probably a lot bigger than I can even comprehend in this moment. But when he said that, it gave me this extra permission to start looking again, I started looking for answers. I recognize that in that 24 hours the universe was holding the doors open for me.

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Taking the next steps

I had to recognize for the greater purpose of my life, for our family, for sake of survival. Is this where I'm supposed to be or do I have to take some really scary leaps? So essentially what happened is while I had $4 in my bank account and my overdraft, I invested into a $3,000 course with two business coaches and I began to transition my business completely over to life and business coaching. And I recognized really early on that a lot of the things that I was helping my women and clients and customers and audience do when I transitioned over was exactly the same thing that I was helping my team do.

I realised I was not serving the right people. And there was a big disconnect in the way that I was ultimately running things with what I had known. And so I had recognized that this is where I'm meant to be. And I realized how easy it was to make a lot of money actually, for the things that I was doing for free beforehand. All of the things that I was spending hours and hours and hours of my time on and not with my family. And pushing my boyfriend aside and sitting on my phone at night while we're supposed to be together. I was making money in less time. I was making more money in less time for less work.

I'm doing things that I had done before for free and that was a beautiful realization for me to see, wow, I really am on the right path here. This is where I meant to be. I was out of alignment beforehand and it was just further confirmation, but me making that investment was really the start of everything. It showed me that I was worthy. It showed me that I could put skin in the game, that when my back was put against a wall and the boat was burned, that I could swim and get to that island, that I could do things that I never thought that I could, that I was capable of so much more than I was giving myself credit for. I dove all in. I started to make the investments even though I didn't have the money. I did the work. I showed up, I applied it and I seen it play out in my business and I seen everything grow and evolve and change since then.

And I've helped countless, countless women and clients to do the same.

And that's why I'm here. That is why I'm here now opening up this platform so that I can share more about my story transparently. It's so I find it so difficult to really share all of these facets of my journey because there are so many things from going to university, dropping out of university and you know, having different online businesses. I've ran a teacher company online as well. I've had an in-person business, I've had an online business, I was in health and fitness, so I'm intuitive life coaching, so life and business coaching. There's so many facets to my story on so many levels that I want to share, but sometimes it can be so incredibly difficult to share that in just a couple or even in just one post.

And I want to help you…

Through giving you my juicy how tos I want to share stories from experts who have either transitioned out of network marketing, are killing it with a personal brand in network marketing or who are using it as a killer revenue stream. This isn't just a marketed to network marketers, but also female online entrepreneurs. Because I do have a lot of clients who are in network marketing companies, but I also have clients who have come to me in a network marketing company and then transitioned out and have found their passion outside of that. And then they also have clients who have these strong personal brands, but they also use network marketing as east side revenue because they have found a product that effortlessly fits in with who they serve and with what they need.

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