Being an Abundance Magnet


How do you become an open channel to receive the wealth & abundance you are craving more of?

The first and most important thing you need to do is believe you are worthy of receiving wealth and abundance.

It is important to remember abundance and wealth come in different forms depending on your values and what you want to experience. What looks abundant and wealthy for me may look different for someone else. Maybe it’s a day off with your kids, spending the day on you, travelling, getting to the salon etc. It isn’t all related to how much money you have in the bank!

Often we get so focused in on the what we want to attract next in our life, what is the next goal, the next marker, the next step, that we actually forget to look at the things we already have and all the things we have already created. We look past our partners, kids, animals, family, support system, the money we have already etc. and we still say we are not enough, we are not successful because we have not done XYZ.

When I took money off a pedestal, as something that dictates my happiness and my life, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Money is something we as humans have created! We put so much pressure on it, and if we don’t have it we are miserable! What kind of life is that if every time we pay a bill or money gets spent we feel down. How will we ever feel abundant? Having this mindset means you are closing off from being able to receive more. By sending the money out we are paying debt, paying for a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, being able to spend time with our kids. Money allows us to do so much however we choose to look at it from lack, instead of being grateful for what we already have.

When I took the pressure off of money I was able to show up every single day feeling successful, feeling worthy, feeling like it was already mine even if it wasn’t in my bank account yet.

Are you coming from a state of lack?

If you are coming from a state of lack, showing up because you have to make money to pay the bills, and put money on the table etc. you will not be able to attract what you desire. You aren’t coming from a space of service or abundance.

Sit down and journal on it - what does abundance look like for you. If this was all you had, would you still feel fulfilled? Would you still feel successful? Or do you need all those things (money, external validation etc.) for you to feel significant in this world?

Being able to receive abundance and wealth is actually linked to how you receive love, pleasure and joy. So many of my clients come to me and tell me they self sabotage when it comes to their business. For some reason they lose the sale call, for some reason they cannot convert the sale in their inbox, for some reason they self sabotage the opportunity of launching a new thing and cannot follow through etc. Every single time we dig deeper it is because they have deep rooted fears and a disconnect to receiving. These women truly don’t know how to receive. If you can’t receive on a level outside of money (love, pleasure, joy), how can you ever expect to recieve money itself.

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Old School Money Beliefs

These beliefs are often instilled from a young age, maybe there was an incident at school i.e. bullying, people telling you you are not good enough. Maybe your parents used the ol’ “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or other saying along those lines - essentially saying there wasn’t enough money go around!

We take on these beliefs, with the view that that the more money we make, the more people will walk away and the less of you you become. Why would I want to make more money if it means losing people I love or make me less of who I am. So of course my clients self sabotage their success.

For those who say they don’t care about the money - they just want to help people…you are doing such a disservice to yourself. You will feel undervalued, stretched too thin, burnt out, like you are giving all of your energy, knowledge, time, expertise. You do not get time back! instead you are giving it away for free. people are not valuing your time because you are giving it away for free.

At what point os helping people not enough when you aren’t able to feel connected, when your relationship is struggling, when you don’t know when you’ve taken a break or washed your hair.

When I made the transaction and felt like my time was worth something, bot my business and my clients results started to escilate. I started to resale I can make money for what I give for free. my time andknowlegde is worthy.

So remember….

  • Believe you are worthy of receiving abundance and wealth

  • Stop seeking external validation

  • Take the pressure off of money and you will improve your relationship with it.


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