Are you a woman identifying as an aspiring entrepreneur, CEO, healer or future online coach who is FULL BODY ready to build an online business, become a sought out leader and make money in her purpose .. in HER way?

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Inside of this group coaching experience, you will learn, integrate and infuse both the practical and energetic strategies of running a sustainable, impactful and abundant business online. The goal? To become massively prosperous on YOUR terms without sacrificing your values, priorities or family in the process.

You & I both FULL BODY know like we know like we KNOW that you are meant (no, DESTINED AF) for something more.

That’s why you landed here.

Are you ready to claim the 6-figure leader that you ARE and stand the fuck out online?

You are finally going to be taught the business strategy and spiritual support you have been craving that will create a rock solid foundation for you to build a life-long legacy and profitable business from. Because it’s not JUST strategy and it’s not JUST spirituality, meditating and woo-ing clients to us. It’s so. much. more.



a proud mama to Eloise, dedicated “wifey” to my best friend and rock Derek of 6 years before ALL. Founder of The Bossy Babe Brand, host of The Wealthy Babe Podcast, Self-Published Author of The Ritual of a Boss Babe Journal, and Business Coach for high-performing women craving to build an online business and make money in their purpose their way. I’m just a gal from the prairies of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada who felt a tug in my heart for that “something more” 6 years ago and ruthlessly went in pursuit of it.

I was told that University was THE way.

I was told that a good, steady corporate job was THE way.

I was told that working really f-cking hard was THE way.

But it was never MY way.

I couldn’t subscribe to following what didn’t feel aligned in my soul, simply because it was safe and predictable.

4 years into my Business Administration & Marketing degree.. I dropped out & 6 months later, I walked out of my 9-5 for the last time #byeeeeee.

I told both my parents and my previous employer that these were beautiful dreams, but they were not mine.


I wish I could tell you it was a smoooooooth ride to the “top” but it wasn’t. It was a f-cking roller coaster.

And I AM the Coach I am because I was brave enough to get on the ride anyway.

Over 3 years I built a successful online health coaching business, group fitness & personal training business at a studio local to us with my boyfriend while running my own custom graphic t-shirt company and Etsy shop from home with the power of social media and impact. I got IN the trenches and learned what successfully created businesses that had consistent and effortless clients, sales and customers coming in, organically!

However, the Universe had other plans. We lost the lease where we were training out of, I fell out of alignment with my online health business and I decided to close up my t-shirt company. There were creditors calling. We had to cut off my boyfriends phone and park his car indefinitely. Our future was confusing and completely unclear and the money that was flowing in effortlessly completely stopped.

I surrendered. It felt like there was no further we could fall.

so I asked… ”What would you have me do? How is this all happening for me?”

Shortly after, I found my first business coaches and although every card was maxed out and account was overdrawn + past it’s overdraft limit, I invested into my first group coaching program and started to put together the pieces I felt I had been missing all along. I felt like things FINALLY made sense. It CLICKED whyyyy businesses elevated and shifted much more rapidly than others & it wasn’t so much about what these women were doing, it was who they were being.

so I sprinkled that courage every-fucking-where!

8 months later, I read the ‘positive’ on the pregnancy test 5 hours after I clicked ‘SUBMIT’ on Pay Pal to invest into my first 1 - 1 coach. For 48 hours I panicked and wondered if I could do this, if I was CUT OUT for this. I was scared and I believed from other women before me that maybe it wouldn’t be possible to have both a business and a baby.

But here is the thing… it can either be chatter or it can be your truth.

I asked myself one simple question “How do I want to tell this story in hindsight?” and immediately, I had all the clarity I needed. I knew what I needed to do and who I needed to be.

In January of 2018, I generated $254 and by December 31st (2 months after I gave birth and brought Louie home from the hospital) Bossy Babe Coaching celebrated a 6-figure cash year and first multiple $20K cash months.

THIS was proof that everything is always working out in my favour and adding up for my highest good and for the good of all.

By June of this year we celebrated surpassing the year before and creating in 6 months what took 12 months the year before!

My mission shifted from simply creating a life of freedom for myself and building a business that brought me pleasure, happiness and fulfillment and it became my responsibility to help other women create the same for themselves, it became about creating freedom within yourself and around money, it became about helping women own and feel empowered in their desires and unleash their inner bossy that they suppressed and allow themselves permission to stand out & be the leader they were always destined to be.

I GET IT, SISTER! I get how frustrated you are. Your soul is anxiously pulling at you - all day - every day. As you listen to podcasts, rip through personal development book after personal development book and day dream at work about what you are here to do. You know how deeply passionate you are and that you have a desire in your heart to create a life of freedom but you’re not sure HOW to get there, what your vision clearly looks like or how to make sure you help your clients get stand out results.

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What is The Wealthy Babe Method?

The Wealthy Babe Method is the most intensive and intimate group coaching program to build your coaching business rom a “tingle in my soul” to an overflow of clients excited and begging to pay you. My 12-week signature program and mentorship is for the high-performing woman identifying as an aspiring entrepreneur, CEO, healer or future online coach who is FULL BODY ready to build an online business, become a sought out leader and make money in her purpose in HER way.

I am formulating what has taken me 5 years, multiple coaches, programs and over $70K to learn and wrapping it up into 12 powerful weeks for you.

This program is a combination of modules (dropped weekly one at a time inside of your portal site) with concepts, techniques, tools, deep inner work, spiritual elevation and business expansion through self-paced work, group support and 1 - 1 live coaching to support you in not just building a soul-aligned business but a solid foundation that can be sustainable since you are in this for the long haul, sister.

I want to note that this isn’ a “one fits all” method or a plug in + get rich strategy, this is a program intended to enable YOUR leadership and trust within yourself.

After coaching over 20 of my private clients & helping guide them through transitioning from network marketing companies, corporate careers, full-time positions and businesses that felt stale and stuck into highly sought-out Coaches with thriving stand-out online businesses (that are authentically aligned with their souls purpose that they afraid to full body step into) I KNEW like I KNEW that it was time to create an experience that I could help the masses with because up until now, this has just been reserved for my private clients at a 5-figure investment.

You know that you are a badass babe destined for a business with BIG impact and a BIG life, but you’re so stuck on where to even begin…

⚡️And since honesty is the best policy, it’s frustrating you that you’re in analysis paralysis not taking any real action to move the needle forward.

⇢ and it’s difficult not to feel like you’re “missing out” as you are looking at other coaches dreaming of having what they have. You want to be SEEN and highly sought out for the skills, magic and epic results you get your clients, too! However, you’re lacking the clarity, confidence and support that will help speed up time and create quantum leaps to signing on your DREAM clients. You’re feeling all the way there ready to clear the confusion up, be confident in the transformation you can provide to your clients and own the fuck out of what YOUR way is.

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You have read books, listened to podcasts, even enrolled in some programs with other Coaches, but…

⚡️ if you are being real, you still feel confused, overwhelmed and are not getting the results you COULD be.

⇢ You have invested into other experiences before and spent a lot of energy learning, consuming and looking for the “right” answer and you are so so f-cking ready to clean up the noise and solidify who you are, what you want and what you are here to do.

People are LOVING your vibe and even reach out because you inspire them

⚡️However, they’re not paying you…

⇢ and you’re over this because you know your work is worthy of massive fucking compensation. There really is a big big difference between getting dm’s saying that you are inspiring and that they love your content and are excited, BEGGING to pay you and even thanking you for it.

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⇢ in this present moment already has an online business or perhaps is on the EDGE of putting the wheels up and taking off on her online coaching business

⇢ is feeling bored in her network marketing business and is desiring to lessen the pressure and expand her business into a brand with multiple streams of revenue and channels to serve your humans

⇢ is spinning her wheels with an overload of information and no idea where to start. your content isn’t converting into sales, you are feeling confused by your own direction and feel scared to “jump ship, again” to truly follow your bliss

⇢ is working really hard vs reaaaaally aligned aka doing shit that doesn’t even light you up, burning yourself out and living under pressure of “making this happen” quickly

⇢ desires to generate $10K-$20K cash months but is generating $0 - $1K right now

⇢ took time away from her business to build a family and wants to fuse both worlds together and have both a thriving business and family life

⇢ wants to leave the corporate position that is weighing her down and not only be a full-time entrepreneur but ENJOY LIFE FULL-TIME, TOO

⇢ is a spiritual badass and wants to infuse both energetics and spiritual tools into her business and find a path to prosperity that feels good to her

⇢ wants to treat her business LIKE a business so she gets paid like a CEO - you are ready to GO TO THE TOP!

⇢ and leave a true + lasting impact on not just her clients but everyone who comes in contact with her brand

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⇢ This experience will not be for the women who is not ready to play full out and bet it ALL on her vision and what she believes in her absolute core she is here on this earth to do.

⇢ This experience will not be for the woman who desires to wait for others to invest in her before she invests into herself.

⇢ This will not for someone who wants to simply learn the quick tools to copy and turn around and sell without embodying and applying this information to your actual business first.

This program truly is for the woman who desires to transform herself, her business and her entire world on a literal, energetic and soul level. She is ready to show up at a level in which she never has before to align herself with results like she has never had before. In this experience you will be alchemizing deep rooted stories and patterns that have kept you in this cycle and subconsciously self-sabotaging your own success so you can claim your truth, embody your desires and potently stand out online and do what you were f-cking called here to do.

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  1. Learn: There will be key concepts, techniques and tools that you will learn inside of this program (and everything is a “take what works for YOU + leave the rest” vibe, gf - this is YOUR way, remember?) to build a soul-aligned and rock solid business that evolves as you evolve.

  2. Embody: A big part of this program isn’t about simply taking information and plugging it in, it is about embodying the energy of a CEO, a 6-figure leader and fully stepping into the teachings inside.

  3. Integrate: You will integrate everything that feels aligned into your own business, have an opportunity to have a ton of 1-1 support in the mini-sessions and group coaching calls and support inside of the fb hub so that you can fully integrate the techniques, tools and concepts you are learning.

Program Overview


  • Upon enrolment, you will be directed to the portal site with access to your orientation work. The more time you have to work through this, the better. You will be evaluating your life, business and bridging the gap to your desires. In here we will be de-conditioning and re-programming your stories, patterns and ceilings to be a match for unlimited overflow, soul-aligned clients and offers that sell out.


  • In this module, simply put, I will teach you how to get crystal f-cking clear about the work (the vision + direction of your business) and who you are here to do it for (your niche + positioning in the market). You will know the problem that you solve and exactly who needs it. You will build unshakable confidence around your soul mission and receive radical permission and guidance in doing this authentically YOUR way. You don’t want to be just another broke Life, Business or Mindset Coach trying to serve any one and every one. People invest in customization. Don’t worry, you can’t fuck it up!


  • YOU are a brand, babe. In this module you will learn how to fully harness and own who YOU innately are at your absolute core so you can build a brand that carries a message + vibe both internally and externally (aesthetically) that feels like a natural extension of who you already are that amplifies your confidence into the world like you have never felt before.

  • You will learn your brand message + the visual aesthetic of YOUR authentic brand, and up-level where it is your customer is landing so it creates not just an impact but an overall cohesive and powerful experience.


  • Ready to define what YOUR sales method is? Selling is a beautiful exchange. Sales = SEX! When BOTH people involved bring their power it is MAGIC! It is quite literally a WIN-WIN! .. Let’s get this straight. You have something people need + they have money ready to be exchanged for what ever will bring them to a higher frequency and experience a life of more pleasure, ya? However, you may have a subconscious pattern or conditioning that selling is “icky”, making money is greedy or it has to be really difficult to generate. This is an intensive module on energetic and practical sales strategy to generate 6-figures + in sales without a website, paid ads or funnels) and finding what YOUR sales method IS. We will be navigating attracting effortless sales, what creates an energy where people are begging to pay you, setting up your offers, creating sales pages (and selling without), pricing, holding an energy where you never force a sale - ever ever again  and so much more!

  • We will heal, redefine and elevate your sales frequency

  • Create YOUR soul-aligned offers

  • Price your offers & make it easy to pay you

  • Become a Coach who owns CEO energy + positions herself as an expert to stand out AND sell the fuck out

  • How to sell with and without a sales page

  • Handling objections & being an energetic match for abundance

  • Ditching the fear, scarcity and pressure tactics for ease, love & intimacy

  • Creating a sexy relationship with money

  • Closing & converting consultation calls (Bonus: there will be breakout sessions to master + slay consultation calls before you ever offer them to potential clients)


  • Visibility Vixen, this one is for you! In this module, I will be teaching you how to launch your offers/business both practically and energetically that feed your soul and light you TF up, the basic behind the scenes that empower a CEO to get her work out to the humans, how to create more content without DOING more & organic lead generation. Remember, no funnels, paid ads or websites here.

  • Creating a juicy FREE offer for your audience that is of high service

  • Setting up e-mail marketing + opt-in’s

  • Creating a niche facebook community

  • Hosting a webinar

  • Pitching yourself + sooo much more


  • This is one of the most critical modules in this program. There are plenty of coaches (as there should be, the world needs them) however, you will be a HIGHLY SOUGHT OUT leader if you become not just a coach, but a woman who leads with integrity, embodies her teachings, has next-level emotional intelligence and lives a life fully supported by oooh-sooo good pleasure! THESE are the qualities of a woman that people are not only begging to pay but feel damn GOOD about it! In this module I will be teaching you how to meet a level of yourself that raises the standards of your clients and audience so YOU are the Coach that stands out online in a sea of lack of integrity, regurgitation and empty promises

  • There will also be a special training from a guest expert (more details will be inside)


  • The last piece of the puzzle is organizing your business like a CEO so you are set up to receive an abundance of clients, customers and success! I will be teaching you how I delegated, how to hire and expand your team, organizational systems myself and my team uses and finding your method of organization.

[The Wealthy Babe Method is hosted in your own portal site to access & watch the trainings on your time and for a life-time]

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  • (6) In-depth Module’s released over 12 weeks - these modules have multiple videos to keep the information digestible and easy to integrate (There will be modules that span over a couple weeks due to the depth of the information & desire to help you fully embody and integrate what you are learning INTO your business with ease.)

  • (8+) Live Group Q+A Coaching Calls w access to the replays - Group coaching calls are intended to have your questions answered and have help implementing the tools and techniques you are learning through this program into your business while also on a soul-level working through the very real limiting beliefs, fears and old patterns that come up during this process. We will continue to clear your channel, give space to your emotions and be held while elevated to a higher frequency. These calls will be on the week of the module drop (all the call times will be listed inside the facebook hub)

  • There will be optional mini-group coaching sessions to book in for that I will intuitively plug in through the program to provide deeper support more 1-1 so everyone gets AS MUCH support as they possibly need for their business to TAKE OFF!

  • A facebook hub for feedback, support, connection and implementation. All the things will be chatted about and hosted here!

  • Course work with each module, pdf’s and exercises to integrate and embody this work on a deeper level into your every day life and INTO your business

  • Very hands on support from Autumn during the 12 weeks inside of WBM Facebook hub and weekly posts.

  • (1+) breakout session(s) to master + slay consultation calls before you ever offer them to potential clients [this will be intuitively added as desired by the class]

  • I will bringing in GUEST EXPERTS for special bonus trainings that will be announced at a later date!

  • and mooooooore!!

  • ps. you will have LIFETIME access to this program & any updates and additions that are added over time.

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Working with Autumn has completely transformed my life. I still remember the day Autumn and I hoped on our consultation call and I was scared out of my mind (literally sweating and shaking). I had never said “YES” to myself within this sort of container but felt this massive intuitive nudge to go all in with her. I was a new mom, a stepmother, a soon to be wife and I knew this was a big step. I had so many questions racing through my mind. When I mentioned this decision to my husband, I said “I’ve decided that I am hiring Autumn. I believe with every ounce of my being that this is going to amplify our life and my business is ways we haven’t yet imagined.” He was supportive and so began my year-long journey with Autumn. This past year has COMPLETELY changed my life.

I went from a negative mindset to a positive mindset I worked through limiting beliefs and fears I worked up courage to have tough conversations and cut ties with individuals who were simply dragging me down My relationship up-leveled - we learnt how to communicate with one another on such a deep a soulful level I learnt how to communicate efficiently with my children I finally learnt what “Trust and Surrender” truly meant I created and implemented healthy boundaries and values within my life I started taking care of my mind, body and soul (making myself a priority) I launched my Coaching Business Launched my Facebook Community I hired a graphic designer Created and launched Signature Programs Launched my exclusive 1:1 private coaching practice Successfully completely 3 Coaching Certificates Launched my podcast - The Powerful and Uncensored Mompreneur Launched my Youtube Channel I became a Self Published Author (creating a 90 day guided journal) I’ve impacted women from around the world all by simply owning who I am and speaking my truth. What I loved the most about working with Autumn was that you weren’t just a cash exchange. She treated you like a human being, she respected you, she cherished you, honoured you, held space for you, formulated a relationship with your family, held you accountable in ways I never imagined. She became the best friend, coach, mentor anyone could ask for. I trusted her with everything. I would do so again. Autumn has impacted my life in ways I am not yet sure how to describe. She has left an everlasting imprint on my heart. She reminded me and helped guide me to bring into fruition the Woman I always desired to be. To the Woman who is unsure about making this investment, saying yes to herself and is sitting on the sidelines…what are you truly waiting for? The universe follows your decisions, declarations and actions. Be the woman you needed when you were younger. Love yourself enough to be the woman who says yes to herself and watch your life transform in ways you’ve not yet imagined. Autumn is the most incredible, impactful, empowered Woman I have had the chance to meet. If you have the chance to work closely with her, you not only gain a coach, a friend a confidant…but someone who imprints your soul and feels your emotions and holds space for your dreams and desires. I love you Autumn, thank you for everything that you do. xoxo - Cara Wray

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I’m ready, babe…

Upgrade me to V.I.P.

Twelve weeks of Facebook messenger support for the duration of the program ($1666 usd value)
Two 1-1 private coaching sessions with Autumn to be used during the duration of the program ($666 usd value)
A seat in the next round of Luscious Money ($777 usd value)

❌ $3110 ❌

💕$1999 💕

* please note, this is an add on to the program and must be purchased separate from your program seat*
If you need a payment plan, please e-mail me at or dm me on IG @bossybabe.xo to set it up

I cannot say enough amazing things about the powerhouse coach, Autumn Bensette. She freaking changed my whole life & flipped my world upside down in such a beautiful and magical way. Before working with Autumn, I was.png

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a hell fucking yes! Autumn is your Coach through this entire experience and you will be working with her directly. She will be providing 1-1 style support through 6 live group coaching calls (there may even be more added!) as well as mini-break out sessions for smaller groups of students. She will actively be providing support inside of the facebook hub too! :)


You get LIFETIME access to the course portal site, babe. You will have access to Autumn inside the facebook hub for 12 weeks but the course is yours for life. As I add to the program, you will also receive these additions! yay!


Of course! I am a lover of payment plans. This hands down allowed me to invest into the programs and coaches that I have! You can enroll with a payment plan + choose between either 4 monthly payments of $389 usd or 6 bi-weekly payments of $260 usd. There is something for any level you are currently at!


I will never tell you that this is the ONLY way or that you must do this program to get to where it is you desire to be. However, what I do believe is that IF you have been pulled here (and maybe to this sales page over and over again) it is because you are meant to be here. It is up to you and your soul if you are full body yes to making it something you experience. Students and client of mine, along with myself, have also “not had the money” but somehow, as we go first and courageously take action aligned with what we desire, we are supported. Usually this commitment creates sources or spaces of way to find income. I will be teaching more about this inside, too.

Another option that is available to you is PayPal credit. You can easily apply for PayPal credit and use financing to quickly get started inside of this experience. Then once you do, you'll be able to use the powerful techniques and tools to make money! Check out PayPal Credit here.


I am taking what has taken me 5 years, multiple coaches, programs and over $70K to learn and wrapping it up into 12 powerful weeks for you. Running a successful business DOES require you to be all in. This may not be for you if you cannot create the space for 12 weeks to completely create, launch and elevate your soul-aligned business and vision into the Universe. When I was creating this, my main intention that I refused to let go of which of course also effected the level of the investment of this container was the time it would take to create the results every student would be desiring coming in. With this in mind, I have spread this program out over 12 weeks with 6 modules as I wanted to leave “off” weeks for longer and more extensive modules and add in more live support. You also have this program for a life-time and can watch the recordings of the replays and digest everything as you need to. There are no rules - this experience gets to be what you need it to be.


Within 24 hours you will be added to the portal site and e-mailed your log in so you can access the orientation materials. Our team will e-mail you further next steps with the link to the facebook group, call link & more important details.


This is a multi-level experience. You will have access to a portal site with video trainings, workbooks, coaching calls, live support, and a facebook group. Your Wealthy babe training materials will be hosted in Kajabi, all coaching calls will be hosted live over zoom on the week of the module drop with mini-sessions added as we go in between. The facebook group will serve as a hub for questions, integrating what you are learning and communicating throughout the 12 weeks.


Feel into it, for sure! YOU know best. However, there is always space for further clarity and every one channels different energy to support you with.


Yes! This will be perfect for you even if you have a direction for your business or it is already launched with services and offers generating revenue. This will be an intensive program with intimate support and any one at any stage in their business will take something away from this program because my hands will be IN an ON you and your business. Finding your direction and creating clarity in the beginning stages is only just the tip ;) of what we will be getting to and either way it will deepen what you already feel really confident in or provide further clarity. Win - Win!


All of our calls will be recorded so you will be able to watch them at your convenience.


Perfect! Just email us at and we would be happy to answer it for you!

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