Working with Autumn has completely transformed my life. I still remember the day Autumn and I hoped on our consultation call and I was scared out of my mind (literally sweating and shaking). I had never said “YES” to myself within this sort of container but felt this massive intuitive nudge to go all in with her. I was a new mom, a stepmother, a soon to be wife and I knew this was a big step. I had so many questions racing through my mind. When I mentioned this decision to my husband, I said “I’ve decided that I am hiring Autumn. I believe with every ounce of my being that this is going to amplify our life and my business is ways we haven’t yet imagined.” He was supportive and so began my year-long journey with Autumn. This past year has COMPLETELY changed my life.

I went from a negative mindset to a positive mindset I worked through limiting beliefs and fears I worked up courage to have tough conversations and cut ties with individuals who were simply dragging me down My relationship up-leveled - we learnt how to communicate with one another on such a deep a soulful level I learnt how to communicate efficiently with my children I finally learnt what “Trust and Surrender” truly meant I created and implemented healthy boundaries and values within my life I started taking care of my mind, body and soul (making myself a priority) I launched my Coaching Business Launched my Facebook Community I hired a graphic designer Created and launched Signature Programs Launched my exclusive 1:1 private coaching practice Successfully completely 3 Coaching Certificates Launched my podcast - The Powerful and Uncensored Mompreneur Launched my Youtube Channel I became a Self Published Author (creating a 90 day guided journal) I’ve impacted women from around the world all by simply owning who I am and speaking my truth. What I loved the most about working with Autumn was that you weren’t just a cash exchange. She treated you like a human being, she respected you, she cherished you, honoured you, held space for you, formulated a relationship with your family, held you accountable in ways I never imagined. She became the best friend, coach, mentor anyone could ask for. I trusted her with everything. I would do so again. Autumn has impacted my life in ways I am not yet sure how to describe. She has left an everlasting imprint on my heart. She reminded me and helped guide me to bring into fruition the Woman I always desired to be. To the Woman who is unsure about making this investment, saying yes to herself and is sitting on the sidelines…what are you truly waiting for? The universe follows your decisions, declarations and actions. Be the woman you needed when you were younger. Love yourself enough to be the woman who says yes to herself and watch your life transform in ways you’ve not yet imagined. Autumn is the most incredible, impactful, empowered Woman I have had the chance to meet. If you have the chance to work closely with her, you not only gain a coach, a friend a confidant…but someone who imprints your soul and feels your emotions and holds space for your dreams and desires. I love you Autumn, thank you for everything that you do. xoxo - Cara Wray