LUXE: A high-level mastermind to integrate & elevate impact and wealth for the online entrepreneur who wants it all.

LUXE was designed with the high-performing online entrepreneur & coach in mind to integrate all that they already know and BECOME the one who leads. We are going to deepen your impact, integrate what you know about wealth to amplify it, and collectively rise the fuck up together.

My 1:1 Coaching continues to sell out + I have the most amazing women on a waitlist waiting to work together, so I asked for guidance on what expansion women were calling me in to create & then the Universe spoke LOUD & CLEAR ... open a container where you can work with more women, in less time at half the investment. Cue *Luxe* the most epic container I’ve created to DATE.

This intimate & exclusive container is a *revolving door* Mastermind which means, it is on-going and holds only 10 women at any given time.

The intention is to pull together women who are committed to play at a high level! We are ALL leaders here. Every woman becomes a mirror to the blindspots in each other's businesses, not just celebrating and rallying behind each other but also providing honest and productive feedback and support to all Queens. The POWER of a Mastermind is the Proximity.

Every session will be geared around what is collectively showing up in that point in time so we can really focus in on the area of integration and expansion needed.

Luxe the Mastermind.png

[1] Two Mastermind Sessions / month [value: $1000]
[2] One 1:1 Private Coaching Session / month [value: $675] 
[3] A Group Chat with all Mastermind participants [value: $1000]
[4] A FB group housing all the participants in the Mastermind
[5] Access to my signature self-paced program ‘From Broke + Stuck to Cash + Clarit'y’

monthly value [$2,500+]

$1,111 USD / MONTH -- minimum 3 months with free-access to cancel anytime after. No max on how long you can be apart of this container.

This application is for anyone who is already a *HELL FUCKING YES*, please apply with the investment and commitment in mind!

We are the generation of women + mothers who lead our young to l e a d.