Activate your abundance thru my 4-part process of mindset & energetics because when GOOD money gets into the hands of GOOD fucking women, the world changes.

Because you get to have it all.

Because you get to unlock your access to overflow.

Because you can be FREE of the mother fucking struggle.

Because you don’t have to make it so damn hard.

Are you struggling to increase your income, sign more clients and sell out your BADASS offers?

Are you tired of feeling hostage by your debt? Feeling guilty spending or investing until you pay it off?

Are you always JUST getting by (that “yay we fit the budget this month but also, I want to make more than just enough to fit our budget each month'“ feeling)?

Are you frustrated receiving money objection after money objection on why clients and customers can’t afford your services and offers?

Are you “SO OVER” feeling the guilt and shame around your desires and wanting to earn a f*ck ton of money?



Only 2 years ago, we were pushing bills back month after month as long as we could go before the power or internet got shut off (a couple times they did). 

Only 2 years ago, I remember finding $4 in change so we could pay for dinner that night (no name KD) because our accounts were empty.

There was never enough.

Every thing we made always seemed to go away.

Creditors started calling me after Derek had to cancel his phone & drove my vehicle when paying for his car was no longer an option.

Then I made a BIG investment into my business (more than what we pay for rent) when the month prior, I generated $254 in rev & had a client leave because SHE got pregnant. 5 hours later, I found out I was pregnant.

I freaked out. I started to wonder if I was being irresponsible, if doing this was a huge mistake, if I could even have both a thriving business and a beautiful baby... 

The next day, I got on my first call with my coach & she asked me “How do you want to tell this story in hindsight?”

It was a perspective that changed everything.

I had a choice in WHO I wanted to be. To trust myself, to go ALL the way in & look at it not as “what if I do & it all goes wrong....” but “what if I don’t....” 

Over the last year (more specifically), I went on a deep journey to not only scaling my business in the most wild time of my whole life from pregnant & broke to my first $20K month the same month I brought Louie home from the hospital — but I healed all the generational wounds I had that created shame and guilt around wanting what I want, the belief it had to be hard & that there was a restriction on what I had access to.

Freedom has nothing to do with what you do or the money in your bank account. It’s the ability to unlock a part of YOU that you trust.

This is a journey to wealth both inside and outside of your wallet. It’s liberation.


Luscious Money came thru me because when I looked back on over a dozen of my private clients & the women in my past programs, it’s because of this work - the work around money, receiving, pleasure, energetics, healing ... all of it that they spoke most about! That shifted them most! That took them into replacing salaries, leaving jobs, manifesting speaking gigs, publishing books, and making more money than they ever thought possible in a way that felt effortless & authentic to them.

For the coach who’s making some money, people love your free things and jump into your dm’s but aren’t paying you ...

For the online entrepreneur who isn’t being paid their value...

For the woman who is defined by her debt ...

For the woman who is or desires to be a mom who wants to create a future where she will never have to worry about the future...

I’m all in with you.

We are *forever* changing how our children view, use & make money because WE are going first.

In Luscious Money, you will go through the transformational & integrative 4-part process that catapulted me into consistent $20K+ months in my business.

Because making money has nothing to do with money at all.


  • There will be 2 recorded live trainings (from the last class) drip released inside your portal site each week for 3 weeks = a total of 6 recorded trainings
    *Trainings range from 1-2 hours in length

  • I will be hosting 3 LIVE Q+A Coaching calls throughout the 4 weeks (second, third and fourth week)

  • You will be added into a private facebook community for the Luscious Money July Class where the live Q+A call times will be posted, the replays will be held and act as a hub for connection, support and being in the luscious money vibes

  • The group will remain open for 2 additional weeks after the final training is drip released.

  • You will have LIFETIME access to the Luscious Money course where it will continue to be added to and elevated over time #YAY. However, the support and access to me as your Coach comes to an end as our time together in the program does. There will be opportunities to join at a special rate for future classes if you so desire.

  • You will be added into the group + receive access to the program upon purchase to get started on the pre-work as soon as possible!




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