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Business & Money Coach

Leading leading women & mothers to get ALL they came for.

Amplified & Elevated. Money. Wealth. Impact. Receiving. Success. Pleasure. Power. 

As the Host of The Wealthy Babe Podcast, Business & Money Coach for the Online Coach craving a business, life and bank account without limits + PROUD Mama to Louie — her sassy, infectious, and strong-willed babe who illuminates ALL of her.

Two years ago, I cried in defeat on my living room floor looking at my bank account that was maxed out at $-2,100.00, not just once but month after month after month; with the cherry on top of $40K+ in credit card + loan debt.

Life was mediocre, it was stressful, paying bills came down to “which could go the longest without us being penalized too hard?”, Derek was dodging creditors & when we ran out of change to buy our next meal, my parents came in and helped where we needed it.

It was dark. It was humiliating. And a blessing. 

This exact same time last year, I hired my Coach at MORE than I was making a month in my business (in fact, I made $254 the month prior) + found out I was pregnant FIVE HOURS LATER.

It was here I seen I had a choice.

I ALWAYS had a choice.

“Who do you want to be? Not just when it’s easy — but when its not?” 

In a year, I built a 6 figure business & birthed Louie into the world.

It doesn’t make ANY logical sense.

To go from $254/month to $20K+/months in ONE year (while pregnant) — but I did it (with the support of The Universe, my man, my Coach & ride or die BFF’s).

Louie was the reason I was able to scale Bossy Babe Coaching to 6-Figures and she will be how I scale it to 7-figures and beyond.

Because she IS my light, my energy, my legacy.

Don’t get me wrong; being a mother and running a business is essentially like walking in mud. It’s not always glamorous and luxurious; it’s cleaning puke + nursing in-between client sessions, there are days you feel every time you take a step forward, you get pulled back down feeling frustration while prepping for a launch because you’re always needed somewhere and *still* choose to find time to take care of YOU… but, just like walking in mud … it’s not impossible.

Women message me all the time with their stories and gratitude for showing them a new normal, setting a new standard and essentially… giving them permission to have it ALL! The money. The family. The epic relationship. The Baby. The badass business. The Pleasure. All of it.

The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing women own their worth around their expertise, remove the life-long shame they’ve built around earning money, and feel empowered in their desires.

That’s when my Coach pointed out that I am leading mothers to lead their daughters. It’s a revolution that impacts generations to come... and it all made sense.

The women I work with don’t just make more money - they experience life again. Their innate reaction goes from “HOW will I make more money” to “Autumn, It make ZERO sense but, I got my nails done - didn’t worry about paying for it, fully enjoyed it and I had paypal dings coming through!”

From “Autumn, I can’t resign back on because my husband and I are fighting. Money is limited. I’m in fear. I don’t know HOW all this will work out” to “Autumn, I can’t believe it!! I Resigned on & in the same month, I signed on four 1:1 clients and sold out my program. I’m SCREAMING! It GETS to be THIS good!”

They are present with their families.
They ignite their inner Goddess + turn ON in their relationships, in celebration + in their own SELF.
They make decisions from a space of “How do I want to look back on and remember this moment?”

They are fucking badass warrior QUEENS!

I’m leading a new wave of women & it gives me the ‘all over my body’ CHILLS.

Because making GORGEOUS money gets to be simple, easy + really fucking fun.

It doesn’t have to be the business OR the family.

It gets to be both.

If you’re ready to become an excellent receivers of money, success and pleasure through business strategy, spiritual connection, and energetic transformation, you’ve been divinely guided here.

Welcome, love.

It’s an honour to connect with you