You are about to step into a NEXT LEVEL experience of receiving wealth, success & pleasure, Loves!

The work I do far surpasses beyond “Business & Money Coaching” — my clients consistently manifest realities that make no logical sense, step fully into passion & soul-aligned businesses and elevate WHO they are so they can claim a life even more extraordinary than their dreams. The work we do runs deeper than strategy, it's soul f*cking transformation.

The women I work with don’t just make more money - they experience life again. Their innate reaction goes from “HOW will I make more money?!” to “Autumn, It make ZERO sense but, I got my nails done - didn’t worry about paying for it, fully enjoyed it and I had Pay Pal dings coming through!”

From “Autumn, I can’t resign back on because my husband and I are fighting. Money is limited. I’m in fear. I don’t know HOW all this will work out” to “Autumn, I can’t believe it!! I Resigned on & in the same month, I signed on four 1:1 clients and sold out my program. I’m SCREAMING! It GETS to be THIS good!”

They are present with their families.

They ignite their inner Goddess + turn ON in their relationships, in celebration + in their own SELF.

They make decisions from a space of “How do I want to look back on and remember this moment?”

They are fucking badass warrior QUEENS!

I’m leading a new wave of women & it gives me the ‘all over my body’ CHILLS.

Because making GORGEOUS money gets to be simple, easy + really fucking fun.

It doesn’t have to be the business OR the family.

It gets to be both.

Becoming an excellent receiver of wealth, success and pleasure requires removing life-long shame and guilt we (especially as women and mothers) carry. We WANT paying clients, we WANT those paying clients to pay us FAST & ON-TIME, we WANT 5-figure months & we WANT it all right NOW.

But, we don’t attract what we want, we attract WHO we are.

Wealth goes beyond money — in fact, its only WHEN you achieve experiencing wealth in the love you have for yourself, in all areas of your business & in celebration of every inch of success you create in the NOW that you see it create quantum leaps in your bank account.

My 1:1 Coaching is the closest and most intimate way to work together. I get to put my hands IN your life and business, link arms with you and fully hold ALL the space for your elevation, expansion and goals.

We calibrate to those we are in proximity to so I don’t take your commitment lightly!



Because this container is extremely intimate, I have a process to make sure we are not only a great fit together but to make sure I have the best option for you to move forward with.

The first step is to book a consultation with me which is a 60 minute coaching experience [via zoom] where we get to truly feel what it is like to work together. We will deep dive into any topic you desire and at the end, I will share the best way to move forward. There is no commitment after the consultation required.


once payment is submitted expect an email from to book your consultation

Kate Dwinell   is a Mindset Coach and the founder of the Breaking Through Emotional Eating Group. She is a wife and a dog mom & specializes in coaching emotional eaters to find food freedom & break through their body struggles.

Kate Dwinell is a Mindset Coach and the founder of the Breaking Through Emotional Eating Group. She is a wife and a dog mom & specializes in coaching emotional eaters to find food freedom & break through their body struggles.



I cannot say enough amazing things about the powerhouse coach, Autumn Bensette. She freaking changed my whole life & flipped my world upside down in such a beautiful and magical way.

Before working with Autumn, I was SO lost & alone, stuck in a career that did not light me up, I was attached to my phone 24/7 because of all the things “I had to do”, my relationship was not strong at all, I was not connected to my voice & I was not confident in my abilities or business. I was throwing spaghetti on a freaking wall hoping it would stick & running myself to the ground. I was so close to giving up on my business & my dreams

Then one day, I found Autumns Podcast, which is B O M B by the way and instantly felt connected to her & her story. So when her next course launched, I JUMPED on that shit, as fast as I could. Going through her program, literally BLEW my friggin mind & I had this HUGE tug in my heart to work with her 1:1, so once the program ended, we jumped on a consultation call & instantly connected, just on the consultation call she helped me work through somethings that were holding me back in my life & business for quite sometime. So I said hell yes to myself & signed on with her, it was one of the scariest things I have ever done, I have never invested that much into myself before, but DAMN was it SO worth it. I worked with Autumn 1:1 for about 5 months and it was a whirl wind of magic, mindset shifts, next level things and a true transformation from the inside out. She helped me heal past wounds, limiting beliefs and truly step into the women I deserved to be. She helped me find my voice & my true passion. She helped me create my business & my brand from the ground up, which is a freaking beautiful business & brand if I do say so myself. She helped my relationship become SO much stronger. She helped me learn how to communicate my wants & needs. She helped me charge for my value and stand by what I charge. She gave me my life & time back from removing things that no longer served me or my business. Goodness & so much more I can’t even begin to even scratch the surface on how much she changed my life. She helped shift, my business, my mindset, my relationships and my whole life. And I will forever be grateful for her guidance & friendship. If you ever get a chance to work with this goddess, please freaking do. She will change your whole life, just like she did mine.




I just finished up my coaching journey with Autumn and she has changed my fucking LIFE and I want to tell you about it 😭❤️ At my lowest point with less than $600 in my bank account and my health business crumbling around me, I found Autumn OUT OF THE BLUE. I instantly knew I had to work with her, before even watching a live video or stalking all of her SM 😂 I got my first credit card (ya I def didn’t have the money but I took the damn leap anyway and would do it a million times over). I came to her lost, confused, and desperately hoping she was going to fix my business. She didn’t.

Instead she completely flipped my world upside down and changed my LIFE. She gave me the space and support that I had never before received. She asked me the hard questions that freed me. She challenged the fuck out of me mentally, emotionally, spiritually. She helped me step into the woman I’ve always longed to be. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. I wouldn’t be running a business that LIGHTS A FIRE INSIDE ME. I wouldn’t be free, abundant, successful. Sure, these things were inside of me, but I wouldn’t have been able to pull them out without her guidance. God gave me Autumn exactly when I needed her. And I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and support she’s given me 🙏🏼❤️ Warning: If you work with Autumn, be prepared to completely change your LIFE. I LOVE YOU 😭❤️

KIKI URA | Spiritual Business Coach | namaslaybabe

KIKI URA | Spiritual Business Coach | namaslaybabe


I cannot even begin to describe how much my life has transformed over the past 365 days. Working with Autumn has been one of the biggest blessings not only in my business, but in my life overall. In the beginning there was a ton of inner work to be done. She has helped me to heal my past by learning the power of forgiveness as a means of releasing unwanted negative energy. We dove deep into mindset work, in terms of both my own capabilities & self worth as well as my mindset around money. She helped me to completely abolish my limiting beliefs and tune into a world of unlimited possibility. Within only 3 months of hiring Autumn, I was presented with the opportunity to leave my full-time job. It was scary AF but her guidance made it so much easier to face my fears and do the damn thing anyway - a decision I most certainly DO NOT regret!.

In our time together I have left the corporate world, launched my own business, been interviewed on countless podcasts, released a relationship that was no longer serving me, created my own journal which is soon to be published, launched TWO signature courses, signed multiple 1:1 clients, and booked my very first paid speaking engagement. Within 4 months of launching my business I had my first $3K month. None of this would have ever been possible without her. If you have been sitting on the fence about working with this powerhouse, here’s my advice: stop thinking and just fucking do it. Her knowledge, wisdom & energy is invaluable and well worth the investment. Forever grateful for you, Autumn.

Mindy Hancock | Life Coach/Podcaster

Mindy Hancock | Life Coach/Podcaster

I want to take a moment and shout out Autumn Bensette the fearless leader of The Bossy Babe Club! Autumn is the first coach I invested in & I worked with her for 7 months. This was the literal BEST 7 months of my life! She showed me parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. She saw my soul & began pulling the inner Mindy that I was hiding away out to shine. ✨ Along this journey she taught me to love myself, own my worth, step into abundance, receive like a bad ass & soooo much more. I had a horrible money mindset when we started working together & she helped me completely rewrite this! With that being said, this month in my business I had my highest grossing cash month at $5k! 😭😭😭 I remember telling Autumn I wanted to make $1k a month & here I am 5x that goal! 🔥

One other thing Autumn taught me was the power of celebrating. Autumn taught me that I need to anchor in this moment & really show gratitude. So tonight I booked a trip to Vegas for my husband and I. We leave in 25 days, and get to mark seeing Marshmello off our life goal list! When I paid for this trip, I didn’t put it on a credit card, I paid for it out of my business account. I felt SO ABUNDANT. I FELT ZERO GUILT, SHAME, OR FEAR!!!!!! I know there is more x1000 coming back to me thanks to Autumn. I love you Autumn. Thank you. xoxo Mindy

Megan Knowles | Owner of Blue Jeans & Pearls Jewelry + Founder of the Boss Babe Gala

Megan Knowles | Owner of Blue Jeans & Pearls Jewelry + Founder of the Boss Babe Gala

Cara Wray | Mindset Coach

Cara Wray | Mindset Coach

Autumn Freaking Bensette. A woman who leads with courage, tenacity and grace. A woman who shows her clients, and the world, that your destiny is a choice. You already possess the power to unlock your wildest dreams, Autumn simply helps you walk through that. She guides you with love to harness your inner goddess, she leads the way by true example. Having walked through the fires herself, Autumn is a breathe of fresh air in a world inundated with self-help gurus claiming to be your golden ticket to success. Autumn is the real deal. Autumn has walked through fire, knocked over hurdles and continues to offer real life self-help. She’s not a one size fits all approach. She is intuitively guided and leads with her heart. And if you aren’t ready to put the old you to rest, then she won’t be the coach for you.

When I began working with Autumn, I didn’t know what I needed to learn, I just knew I needed something and my gut told me I needed what she had to offer. Spending time with her (and little Louie) quickly became one of my favourite weekly activities. I often had no idea what we would talk about, and yet we ended up exactly where we needed to be. Every single week was exactly what I needed, even if sometimes that was simply a shoulder to cry on. Autumn truly navigates these sessions with her heart and I felt so loved and so safe in this space. Connecting with her was fun and effortless, we laughed a lot and I swear we could talk for hours. Autumn is real, she is genuine, she is kind, she is love. I look back to the beginning of our sessions and I don’t even recognize the girl I was then. You see, I’ve always been a trust and surrender kind of girl. I’ve always been intuitive and always believed the universe has a plan for me. Two years before I hired Autumn, I had quit a stable job in pursuit of my own dreams. I had no plan, no money, no clue what I was doing - I was letting trust lead the way. I was ALL IN and determined to make this work. And I did. I had been working hard at my dream for two years, making a living (albeit a small one) doing what I loved, but I was tired and burnt out. Somewhere along the lines I had lost that intuitive, ALL IN girl, I had stopped trusting and I started playing it safe. I let fear creep back in and convince me to stay small. I got stuck in the entrepreneurial fog and lost sight of my why, lost sight of my purpose. I was simply books and numbers and stress and worry. Autumn coached me to have more fun in my business and to schedule time for myself. You see, everything Autumn coaches I already believed in, so how had I got so lost? Why wasn’t my business filling up my cup? Why wasn’t I making more money? Why was it so hard? And that’s the beautiful thing about working with Autumn. Each session is a heart led venture, divinely guided to uncover the narratives you’re adopting. She walks through these ugly parts of your story so you can make space for a new narrative. She guides you and nudges you to do more, and she holds space for you to grow. I am forever grateful that I said yes to myself! So if you’re ready to stop playing small, if you’re ready to go ALL IN for yourself, if you’re ready to destroy your old narratives and ready to take up space, then Autumn is your girl. Trust your gut, that bitch never lies.


Working with Autumn has completely transformed my life. I still remember the day Autumn and I hoped on our consultation call and I was scared out of my mind (literally sweating and shaking). I had never said “YES” to myself within this sort of container but felt this massive intuitive nudge to go all in with her. I was a new mom, a stepmother, a soon to be wife and I knew this was a big step. I had so many questions racing through my mind. When I mentioned this decision to my husband, I said “I’ve decided that I am hiring Autumn. I believe with every ounce of my being that this is going to amplify our life and my business is ways we haven’t yet imagined.” He was supportive and so began my year-long journey with Autumn. This past year has COMPLETELY changed my life.

I went from a negative mindset to a positive mindset I worked through limiting beliefs and fears I worked up courage to have tough conversations and cut ties with individuals who were simply dragging me down My relationship up-leveled - we learnt how to communicate with one another on such a deep a soulful level I learnt how to communicate efficiently with my children I finally learnt what “Trust and Surrender” truly meant I created and implemented healthy boundaries and values within my life I started taking care of my mind, body and soul (making myself a priority) I launched my Coaching Business Launched my Facebook Community I hired a graphic designer Created and launched Signature Programs Launched my exclusive 1:1 private coaching practice Successfully completely 3 Coaching Certificates Launched my podcast - The Powerful and Uncensored Mompreneur Launched my Youtube Channel I became a Self Published Author (creating a 90 day guided journal) I’ve impacted women from around the world all by simply owning who I am and speaking my truth. What I loved the most about working with Autumn was that you weren’t just a cash exchange. She treated you like a human being, she respected you, she cherished you, honoured you, held space for you, formulated a relationship with your family, held you accountable in ways I never imagined. She became the best friend, coach, mentor anyone could ask for. I trusted her with everything. I would do so again. Autumn has impacted my life in ways I am not yet sure how to describe. She has left an everlasting imprint on my heart. She reminded me and helped guide me to bring into fruition the Woman I always desired to be. To the Woman who is unsure about making this investment, saying yes to herself and is sitting on the sidelines…what are you truly waiting for? The universe follows your decisions, declarations and actions. Be the woman you needed when you were younger. Love yourself enough to be the woman who says yes to herself and watch your life transform in ways you’ve not yet imagined. Autumn is the most incredible, impactful, empowered Woman I have had the chance to meet. If you have the chance to work closely with her, you not only gain a coach, a friend a confidant…but someone who imprints your soul and feels your emotions and holds space for your dreams and desires. I love you Autumn, thank you for everything that you do. xoxo - Cara Wray